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In the Hub of the Chicagoland Steel Industry - Call 219.397.5000

About Us - Nova Steel, Inc. (Lighting)

Nova Steel, Inc brings the latest in Lighting and Sound-based warning products, cases, spotlights, flashlights and more. We offer new LED technology and also stock standard, tried & true lighting and alarm systems. We strive to continuously research new lighting technology to make sure that we bring only the best and most advanced products to our customers at a great price.

Our products can be used in a diverse array of applications such as: Automotive, Truck, Industrial, Construction, Production Lines, Forklifts, Emergency Response, Utility, Service Fleet, Security, DOT, and more! We can handle most installation needs locally.

With integrated invoicing, shipping, and processing technology, you can rest assured your order is being handled accurately and quickly with the ability for you to receive updates electronically in real-time.

Whatever your lighting and safety requirements are, from bulk and recurring purchased for businesses to single items for individual use, we will strive to ensure you are pleased with your order. We offer warranties on most items, quick response time on refunds or repairs, and unmatched customer service.

We welcome you to our site and hope that you will find everything you need. For any questions or assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us.